Franchise opportunity

International Vogue models academy Franchise opportunity

Vogue Models Academy intends to expand in terms of the availability of Modeling and fashion training in all countries. And by doing so, we now are looking for an active representative for the station in the new offices. The representative’s line of work involves training and issuing a vogue certificate. so Discover the Profitable Path: Invest €5000 to Earn €5000+ Every Month

Vogue Models Academy New York is a US-French company registered with Paris fashion standard (Rg.pfs.21-3002/Paris – France ) and ( PFS license number 21.300-2)with 180 international branches.

The International Vogue Academy with 100 courses and 25 years of experience, is one of the most prestigious academies and the biggest in fashion, style, fashion design, modeling, fashion photography, and makeup all over the world.

Vogue Modeling Academy operates Under the supervision of Paris Fashion Standard, the leader of the fashion industry and fashion association in the world.

Vogue Academy Franchise Department & Terms of Representation

The Vogue Models academy is a worldwide top-growing fashion industry academy.
The company with 25 years of experience is known in the film and fashion, Dance, and Music industries with excellent benefits.
Vogue academy starting to franchise and open new branches in all countries this year.
And now we are looking to the new investors and partners from all over the world to represent the International Vogue brand in their own countries.

Representation of countries is granted in two ways:
1- Exclusive representation in the whole country and only one legal person.
2- Non-exclusive representation in the country can be granted to various individuals and legal entities.

Representatives must have these abilities:
1- Ability and possibility to establish an office and a representative office of the Academy in that country. 
2- Advertising and marketing to find customers who want to learn about related topics.
3- Ability to provide educational advice.
4- Ability to organize training.
5- Coordination, cooperation, and reporting to the head office.
6-Ability to cover franchise costs.

Vogue Modeling Academy Franchise Requirements

How does it work?
The Authorized Agent in the country has to be able to manage online and digital advertising and marketing in the whole country, and represent Vogue Academy benefits. the representative going to have an online organization platform. the platform will provide by the Vague head office, after the registration process. And now Join the Elite Investors: Invest €5000 and Start Earning Over €5000 Per Month with our professional team.

Franchise Requirements & franchise license fee :
The requirement for this exclusive & non-exclusive collaboration are :
1- Send us a request email to the address (
2- License Fee:
A) Franchise License fee, 5500 Euros for an exclusive license and 2500 Euros for -a non-exclusive )
B) Cash deposit or down payment for the sale process (€ 1,000 for non-exclusive and exclusive)
3- Introducing and having the office address
4- Details for exclusive or non-exclusive agents will be negotiable in the contract.
So if you are ready to start to good business with good benefits, send us an email.
We will teach you and support you during the period of the contract.

Our cooperation and Partnership:
The collaboration between two partners, the Vogue models Academy Head office & country agent, will follow the contract in each sale or service.
Vogue Head office: %30
Country Agent: %70
If you are ready to apply, click here to send your request.
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