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Jinny Thunyarat
Model, Actros & Singer
Vogue Face of the Month – April  2022 

Jinny is from Thailand,
She has graduated from the University of Thailand
and was refined online and graduated in Acting & Modeling at International Bello Models Academy France.

Jinny is one of the Acting, Singing & Modeling new faces of the international Bello Models Management of France in Thailand. She trained with the international Bello academy, and she is a professional in Singing, Modeling & Acting and she is available for International Projects. she is ready to work on all international films and fashion projects under contract and booking by Bello management. As Mr. Pietro Bello Gucci CEO of Paris, fashion Standard says about her: he says, Jinny is a professional and talented artist who has a bright future and she has big potential for big film projects. he included that Jinny going to be a very successful superstar internationally.

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Vogue Top Face of the month

The Vogue top face of the month

Top Face of the Mount is a competition in which the world’s top talents are selected from last month’s vogue casting participants. Those who have participated in one of the disciplines of modeling, acting, dance, music, or singing will be re-evaluated.
In this evaluation, the best from each of the five disciplines are selected by the judges and introduced as the Top Face of the Mount. The winners will be officially announced on the Vogue models Academy & Vogue Models Magazine & Vogue Fashion Tv website and will be announced on a Vogue Fashion TV interview program following special privileges and rewards that have been considered in this regard.
In addition, to compete with other major entrants, winners of the Vogue top face are automatically enlisted in the annual Casting Project competition each year. And all you need to do, to re-register for the top face of the year, is to participate in the courses. in every casting test registration, the candidate automatically will join this contest too. The winner of the Vogue top face will be awarded a free full course in one of the best academies including being on a Vogue models magazine cover, IBD Hollywood 2-year 1-year free membership, and a Television promotions.

How to apply for the international Top Face of the Month contest?

To register for the competition, all you have to do is register for a Vogue Monthly casting in one of the fields of modeling, acting, dance, singing, or music. With this registration, not only will your talent be evaluated but you will receive a Paris fashion standard casting test certificate, and you will automatically enter the competition section. 
To register: fill-up out the form below
For more information Contact via email to : Support@Voguemodelsacademy.com
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Vogue Face

Vogue top face of the month

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