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The Fashion Style training course by the vogue academy

This is a unique opportunity for those interested in learning the fashion Style course at the international vogue models academy. Registration, training, and presentation of a valid international vogue certificate in all countries. All interested parties (ladies, gentlemen) will receive the certificate of that course after registering and training in online video in their own country. (Applicants from all countries can register and study in their own country with the same conditions) It is also possible to apply for a private coach for home education, but at a different price. Click for more information about Tutoring.

The online training course is academic with sending video lessons weekly and is completely professional. the student will be tested once every two weeks. And at the last week will be accompanied by workshops and practical exercises.
After completing the training course, the international Vogue certificate will be sent to you by the Paris fashion standard. And your Professional Style profile will be introduced to the job referral section and if you are ready and agree with the terms of cooperation, the job will be provided to you. And the introduction to the job is 100% granted because it will be 30% of the income for Vogue Models management 

Terms of registration for The Fashion Style training with an international vogue certificate

The Vogue International Modeling Academy is an American-French company with 180 branches in different countries and 100 fields of study and 25 years of experience. It is one of the most prestigious academies in the industry of fashion, style, fashion design, modeling, fashion photography, and make-up in the world. One of the special features of Vogue Academy that distinguishes it from others is the high quality of education and the global credibility of its qualifications.
At Vogue Academy, our goal is to create and provide training and employment opportunities around the world for those who do not have high financial power but really love modeling. So they can register with this possibility for a small amount of money to start training and then enter the Vogue modeling, Fashion and style job market after the training course.

The Fashion Style training course and price
Professional Fashion Style training includes 10 courses as follows, and you can register for the courses individually or the full package, which includes a 20% discount.
Preparatory course 1 with a degree of –    29 Euros
Preparatory course 2 with a degree of –   29 Euros
Secondary course 1 with a degree of  –     29 Euros
Secondary course 2 with a degree of –      29 Euros
Supplementary course 1 with a degree of 29 Euros
Supplementary course 2 with a degree of 29 Euros
Advanced course 1 with a degree of            29 euros
Advanced course 2 with a degree of           29 euros
Vocational course 1 with a degree of           29 euros
Vocational course 2 with a degree of          29 euros
Full package course (10 courses together) with a degree and with 40 euros, the discount is only 250 euros.

 The Fashion Style training registration conditions :
– Seeker aged 16 to 55 years
– Having a degree test casting certificate (C)
Explanation : If you have not yet received the exam and casting test certificate, do not worry, we will proceed to the test at the same stage of registration. casting test does not mean rejection or acceptance field but determining the branch of volunteer field. 

Required Documents:
Complete and send details and documents through the form below
Send 6 photos (3 full-length photos and 3 half-height and face photos) Ordinary photos via the form below
Send a photo from the first page of the identity card (ID card) through the form

Course fee:
The cost of  The Fashion Style course for aged 15 to 55 years includes 10 courses, each course is 29 euros and if buy all courses together will include a discount of 40 euros, the amount is 250 euros.

Full course specifications:
Includes online academic training with video lessons and weekly submissions + exams every two weeks + international certificate from Paris fashion standard and vogue profile. After completing and sending the documents: First, in the first stage of the casting test, and within 24 to 48 hours, the result will be sent in writing to the volunteer. And after determining the branch of the volunteer field following the style and ability of the students, as a result of the casting test, the curriculum will be sent and training will start the next Monday.
After the training course: Introducing the job manager and booking, compiling the file and resume, preparing the skilled online album, and sending the official Vogue skilled ID card to the trained volunteer.

Due to limited constraints and high demand, priority will be given to those who act sooner. It is not possible to register after completing the capacity. You can see a sample profile and credentials of Vogue Models Academy students and those who have already registered and are working by clicking on the name. You will also have a profile similar to the friends below. Click and see
If you have more questions, please contact customer support via email at:

Vogue Profile Samples : Click to see

Important Note:
To start the registration process, fill in the form below and attach the documents and pay the selected course amount.

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Sign up for the training package with the Vogue certificate

Please fill out the form, attach your photos and documents, and then pay for the course via PayPal or visa card or Master card , and wait 24 hours for the registration and confirmation process. What if you have shipping problems? contact support office via email to: 

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